Quick List of Packing & Moving Tips

The cheapest way to move locally is always with our hourly rate. This rate eliminates a lot of the overheads normally incurred with fixed priced moves. Even more savings can be made by reducing the amount you have us do. At A2B Removals, we give you the freedom to do as much or as little as you want: the more you do, the lower the cost.

If you want us to, we can move all your goods (including heavy items such as pianos), Or we can just remove the furniture and boxes you require leaving you to deal with any loose items. (like clothes, lamps, pictures, etc.) We can dismantle and reassemble furniture/beds etc. or disconnect kitchen appliances for you. However, having this done in advance will save you time and money The helpful hints below will assist you in preparing your removal so your moving time will be reduced, saving you £££

You are hiring our equipment, expertise and labour. Use it where you have to. Take into consideration your physical capabilities and the amount of time you can spare. Good planning and preparation will save you money!

Almost everyone underestimates the packing time needed to pack small items. If packing yourself, start well before the moving date and check our hints on packing your small items below. Our packing hints are designed to help you pack properly.

Items to empty.
Wardrobes and desk drawers must be emptied. Chests of drawers need to have breakable, loose, and heavy items removed. Light clothing may remain. Never tape drawers shut. As a rule, furniture with doors must be emptied.

Pack in good quality boxes.

Lots of small open boxes (that cannot be stacked) take a lot longer to move than goods packed in the right sizes boxes. On the other hand, using boxes so large that they become overweight can dramatically slow down the moving process. Using proper removal boxes will not only help ensure a safe no-damage move, but it also speeds up your move.

Reduce the number of items.

Moving small items yourself will reduce your moving time. However, doing many trips in a car may end up costing you more than it would to have us move it. Remember, it may be quicker if you have packed these items in a box and let us take them in the truck while you concentrate on hard to pack items. The number of items can also be reduced by tying loose items such as brooms and mops in bundles. Leave drawers in dressers, but remove any heavy or breakable items from them.

Reduce the distance.

Every trip to and from the truck takes time. If you have packed your small items, try and have them near where the truck will be parked. Blocking entrances/doorways means we waste time when we arrive. So make sure to clear access to ensure quick moving. Keeping small children and pets away during the move also helps.


Dismantle beds, mirrors from dressers, and other furniture items (those which had to be assembled when purchased) before your Truck arrives. Losing small items, especially keys, is common when moving and is very frustrating. Keep all screws and bolts in bags, and remember where you put them. Put the hose off the washing machine inside the machine.


You do not normally need to defrost modern freezers before moving. We will let you know when the fridge should be emptied. We will then load the fridge last, and unload it first. This minimises the time your goods are out of refrigeration.

Very heavy items.

We can move heavy items such as pianos, large plant pots, safes, etc. for you but when booking, please let us know about any of these items.

Plant Pots.

Do not water them for a few days prior to the move. If you have outdoor plant pots, try to move them into a dry area at least a few days before the move. Especially in wet weather. Inside a garage or even under the eaves of your house or garage will help prevent them becoming waterlogged.

Click here for our detailed guide to moving house.
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