Piano Moving Service

A2B Removals Have been professionally moving pianos 1997

If you have a piano you already know how hard they can be to move. Even a simple move from one room to another can be a daunting prospect. Usually it's wheels are old or worn, or they are simply not practical to wheel the piano.

Move a piano the wrong way and are likely to damage your carpets or wooden floors. Getting it through doorways and into a hallway without damaging the walls, door frames or the piano itself isn't a job for just anyone.

"A small upright piano will weigh between 300lbs and 400lbs"

Customer Opinions

At A2B Removals we have been professionally moving pianos for over two decades. In this time we have moved hundreds of pianos for hundreds of satisfied customers. Having the right equipment is only half the job. Knowing how to safely protect your home and your piano while carrying out this highly specialised type of removal is essential..

"Larger pianos can weigh between 500lbs and 800lbs"

A lot of our piano removals are for people buying a piano second hand and then facing the issue of trying to get it home. We can contact the seller directly to arrange a collection time which suits them and a delivery time that suits you.

"Knowing how to safely move such a heavy item is essential"

For a standard upright piano removal the cost is £75. (all inc.) This charge is for a 2 man team for up to one hour which is more than adequate for most local piano removals.*

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*If a piano needs to be moved outside of the local area, then our standard hourly rate will apply after the first hour charge.

*Please let us know if a piano has to be moved up or down a staircase, or if there are any other access issues as this could significantly affect the cost.